Neutron Scattering and Slow Spin Systems
Prof. Dr. Jason S Gardner


After an introduction to the neutron facility at NIST, I will discuss my
research in geometrically frustrated magnets. These systems exhibit a
wide range of properties from spin liquid to unique magnetic ordered and
from insulators to superconductors. To fully appreciate the properties
of these spin systems several neutron scattering techniques have been
utilised and an overview of these techniques will be given.

Geometrical frustration is an important theme in current condensed
matter physics, as it allows the possibility of exotic ground states. In
the context of magnetism this refers to the inability to form a ground
state with long range order at sufficiently low temperature. I will
review several neutron scattering studies on these compounds, focusing
on the study of spin dynamics in pyrochlore oxides. Evidence for large,
dynamical spins at low temperatures in the spin liquid, Tb_2 Ti_2 O_7 ,
the local order in the spin ice, Ho_2 Ti_2 O_7 and the ordered state in
Heisenberg spin pyrochlores.